HSBC Infomercial 滙智營商 – 保留人才

Piaget Award for Excellence of Entrepreneurship of Nominees

HKMA Quality Award – Complete Interview


• 港大尖子25歲創業 (East Week Vol.135 – 財經主打)

• 28歲Andy Lau IT顧問界生力軍 (Hong Kong Economic Times)

• ICG憑創意 業務年增3倍 (Hong Kong Economic Times – SA16 香港工商業獎專輯)

• 2006香港工商業獎專輯-創意優異證書 (Ming Pao – G12 香港工商業獎專輯(HKGCC))

• Innovation & Creativity Certificate of Merit (Innovation & Creativity Certificate of Merit(HKGCC))

• INSEAD Case Study - Growth Challenges for Asia Entrepreneurs (Capital CEO)

• ICG服務優越獲頒品質管理認證 (Ta Kung Pao – A34)

• ICG榮獲ISO 9001認證 再創業務新里程(Ta Kung Pao - A7)

• 專業誠信服務為客戶增值(Wen Wei Po – C4 香港管理專業協會2009年優質管理獎特刊)

• Firm’s leadership and determination are a winning combination (South China Morning Post – S2 HKMA Quality Award 2009)

• The I-Consulting Group : 跨國企業式管理確保服務質素 (Hong Kong Economic Times – SA4 2009年優質管理獎特刊)

• Inspiration from Top Management (Special Award for SMEs Recipient) (2009 HKMA Quality Award – Dinner Souvenir Programme)

• 管理專業協會優質管理獎揭盅 (Wen Wei Po – A18)

• ICG runs SAP Business One – ERP System (SAP Business One)

• KM Seminar “Managing Knowledge in IT Outsourcing Partnerships” successfully held on Oct 16th 2009 (Knowledge Management Development Centre Ltd. Archive News)

• 保留人才好貼士 – 一視同仁賞罰分明 (Apple Daily – B2 HSBC Business 匯豐中小企業全力策動匯智營商專題特輯)

• 創新營商手法 成就香港新星服務品牌 (Ming Pao – A24特約專輯)

• 創新IT人 誓做龍頭 (The Sun - A16 SUN世代)

• 雲端化令IT外判 談In House IT 人生存之道 (IT Pro)

• IT外判獲利 轉投創新產業 (Hong Kong Economic Times - A35 Executive & Market)

• Ex-Sun Chief Tells HK to go Open, Free and Global (ComputerWorld October/November 2013)

• Shaping our Digital Future (The Bulletin November 2013 - Committee Focus)

• Hsin Chong saves 80,000 hours per year with Symantec email archiving (ComputerWorld May 2014)

• Symantec looks to address email complexity driven by mobile and cloud )ComputerWorld June 2014)

• Why Enterprises Should Adopt The No.1 Endpoint Governance Solution as Rated by Gartner (ComputerWorld July/August 2014)

• Gammon Construction and ICG Bolster data security in the mobile age (ComputerWorld September/October 2014)

• YEC Lunch with Victor Li (The Bulletin October 2014 - Chamber in Review)

• Implication behind Gartner's Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 - Regain control of your mobile workforce data (ComputerWorld November/December 2014)

• The Rise and Rise of Data: Scott McNealy's Perspective (The Bulletin December 2014 - Chamber in Review)

• Digital, Information & Telecommunications Committee (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Annual Report 2014 — Policy Advocacy)

• Youth Executives Club (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Annual Report 2014 — Building Connections)

• ICG and Druva reiterate commitment to endpoint data governance (ComputerWorld January/February 2015)

• McNealy challenged tech innovations and privacy (ComputerWorld January/February 2015 - Bizpeople)

• What to look for in Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (ComputerWorld March/April 2015)

• Former Sun star Scott McNealy takes the reins at Wayin, a social marketing startup ( (Marketing Technology))

• GP 電池建充虛擬化平台 (PC Market - Biz IT)

• Tech Guru Eyes Weibo for his Advertising Revolution (South China Morning Post - B6)

• Grooming Talent (The Bulletin December 2015 - Chamber in Review)

• Sun Microsystems co-founder McNealy looking to team up with Weibo (South China Morning Post)

• Embracing Cloud to Overcome the Legacy I.T. Challenge (CWHK-Third-Quarter-2016)

• Rotary District 3450 國際扶輪3450區2017至2018交職典禮 (Hong Kong Economic Times – A16-17)

• Kowloon Tigers are Rugby League champions (RTHK)

• 青委組聯盟建設「帶路」大灣區 (香港潮州商會第114期會訊)

• AWS names first MPS 3.1 partner in HK, Macau and China (ComputerWorld 2017)